Apr 25, 2012
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canary dev tools discoveries

I’d switched to Chrome Canary for development a couple weeks ago, and had noticed a couple new things about their dev tools (for instance, the file browser in the Scripts panel) but this post on Modern Web Development by Majd Taby┬áled me to some other neat discoveries. When you find out about the settings button in the dev tools, you realize you can do such things as:

  • Dock the dev tools to the right — not only is this a convenient place for the tools, but it also means that you can size the viewport smaller than 400px, something you can’t do by manually sizing the Chrome window itself.
  • Disable the cache.
  • Override User Agent — no more clunky user agent switching extensions, Canary will switch the agent for you.
  • Override device metrics — likewise, exact sizing on the viewport, no extension necessary.
  • And much much more! (e.g., setting default color format and indentation size, emulating touch events, etc.)

Also, (FINALLY), you can resize the console text by pressing Cmd + and Cmd -. I’ve been waiting for this feature forever. Forever is now, my friends.

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